Confidence, Introvert

No apology needed

I used to apologize for myself a lot.

Honestly…I still do. #workinprogress

So this is how it will start – I literally hate texting, typing with my thumbs. This blog is a small attempt to be better. It will hopefully inspire you, too, as well. I will provide content…relevant to you? Maybe? Maybe not? But thanks for coming along and no hard feelings if this is as far as you get. #loveyouanyway

I wrote SO much as a kid, teen and young adult. It was my way, the thing I knew how to do. The way I released. But then typing came. Computers? Cool.  Cell phones?! WAIT UP? And things you can hold in your hand and text on?? Digital notes?! WHOOOOAAAAA!

Yeah, Whoa there stallion. That’s when I stopped. Instead of journaling, writing my feelings, I started scrolling. Pictures are pretty. Learning about others in teeny bite size posts was like total ADD for the social world and it was fun, mindless.

But I woke up a few years ago realizing I lost it. I’d lost my mind. I’d lost the use of creativity. (Except for that very brief year or so when I had “blogspot” and wrote about having babies. Well, really just baby #1…cause after that, babies only get the leftovers….that counts, right?)

I woke up. And I had not written in free-flowing form in YEARS. I began trying.  I did the gratitude journal thing, the Five Minute journal thing, then I even started a blog…and did not complete a full post in the first full year of paying for some host site.

But now. If I don’t get these thoughts out…then no one hears them…even me. So if it’s just for me. Cool! I’m good with that. If it’s for me and a few friends, totally cool with that too. Me and a few million friends…then holy hell!

I’ve been so busy “hustling” and “Mom-ing” and “wife-ing” that I forgot to keep dreaming and inspiring myself to make life more. I was made for more and I know it to be true…for me AND for you.

So here. Here it goes. Me, you. Or just me. But either way…I’m getting this stuff out. Maybe it helps one person, maybe someone finds it funny or entertaining, or inspiring or just plain whack. I’m in.

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