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Who am I?

Like I mentioned, I’ve been meaning to blog…well, for a while. First blog written, lots of drafts ready, but first (well, 2nd)…maybe who I am and what I do would give you a better indication of whether or not you want to join me all, some or none of the time here in the blogosphere.

This is me.


I’m Mandy.

  • a wife
  • a mom
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • a lover and a fighter
  • shy
  • introvert who blossomed into an extroverted introvert
  • a daily exerciser
  • a Registered Dietitian
  • business owner
  • coffee lover (not a connoisseur)
  • wine lover (again, not a connoisseur)
  • Southern gal, with some midwestern influence
  • dreamer
  • procrastinator
  • self-sabotager
  • Number 6 on the Enneagram
  • worrier, worst case scenario thinker
  • changing my world one day at a timer

That’s cool and all, but what will I talk about??

As you can imagine, the easiest things for us to talk about or have thoughts about is the things we know.  I know about a few things, particularly what it takes to blossom into a less awkward, ok-I-mean-happy-with-myself kind of gal. From low self-esteem, low confidence, shy, quiet, rule following, Groundhog-my-days through life place, to the place I am now…it’s been a journey. Sometimes hard. Sometimes not. Definitely not as hard as it could be, but in my mind, worth sharing …even if it’s only with the one person out there who needs it.

But #thisisme

and there is more to come.

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