HEYYYY Babe! (I turned 41)

Last month I said PEACE out to 40 and “HEYYY Babe!”  to 41. 

My 40 yr summary looks a little like this –

I thought I was going to do it with pleasure…40 was so freeing for me, but 41 wasn’t quite as exciting. (Oh, well) 

25 things I learned in my 40th year:

  1. Less of the drama matters
  2. Most of the drama is in your head and you have control over that. 
  3. your eye sight truly does start to weaken…I feel readers in my *near* future
  4. A gallon of water a day makes me feel whole 
  5. All diets are fad diets.
  6. If you have time to count calories, you need to re-examine your time
  7. Don’t judge yourself under the fluorescent lights in the fitting room.
  8. Your jean size really doesn’t matter to your friends.  
  9. Body acceptance is necessary before body love. But also SO hard. 
  10. Read. Daily. 
  11. Journal. Daily. (Not good at this one)
  12. Move your body daily, but take a break. 
  13. It’s ok to be a homebody. 
  14. It’s ok to please yourself and not others. 
  15. Hangovers are so NOT fun and drinking too much isn’t as fun either. 
  16. Set boundaries. You owe yourself that love. 
  17. Finding your passion may be hard but it’s worth the fight
  18. Naps are great but 7-8 hrs of sleep is even better 
  19. Put the swim suit on and get in the water. Life is too short to stay covered up. Also, your kids need you to play
  20. A cup of coffee in the afternoon is magic 
  21. A cup of coffee anytime is almost just as good as a glass of wine. 
  22. About that wine…I’m not 20 anymore.
  23. Sometimes the same feelings of jealousy, feeling left out, still exist at 40 like they did at 14. 
  24. We’re all going to screw our kids up somehow, so just do the best you can.
  25. Once you get out of your comfort zone, you can easily fall back into it. Stay out, stay brave, keep doing the scary stuff that pushes you into #livingyourbestlife 
  26. BONUS: 40 is freeing. Welcome it with love.

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